The objective of dodgeball is to eliminate all players of the opposing team by throwing one of five game balls and hitting the opposing player below the shoulders on the fly.

Starting a Game
There will be FIVE (5) balls evenly spread on the center line at the beginning of each game.  Each team member must start with one hand on their back wall.  On the referees signal to start play, it is a sprint to the FIVE (5) balls on the center line.  Prior to throwing a ball at your opponent the ball or player with ball in hand must touch the back wall.

Eliminating the Opposing Players
A player is out if:
·      They get hit by a thrown ball in flight by the other team.
·     They throw a ball that is caught by the other team.  (If the ball bounces off an opposing player and is then caught the thrower will then be out.  This is true even if a different player catches the ball.  However if the ball bounces off another ball, the ball is dead).  Players may use a ball to block; however, if the ball is knocked out of their hands while blocking, they will be out.
·     They hit another player above the shoulder while the player is standing straight up.
·     They cross the center line.
·     Kicking the ball at your opponent.  You may only kick the ball to your teammate.

A player is not out if:
·         The ball is caught off the wall or ceiling.
·         They get hit above the shoulders standing straight up.

A player out of the game shall return to play in the order they were put “out” (i.e. first “out,” first “in”) when the ball is caught.

Out of Bounds
A ball that hit any wall or ceiling is considered dead and is not back in lay until someone has picked up the ball and throws it at an opponent.

The center line is the off-sides line.  If any part of your foot or body touches the center line, you will be declared out and thrown ball will be dead.

Exception:  The start of the game.