Pitching and General Instruction


Shawna VandeBurgt played on fast pitch softball tournament leagues for nine years for the Reno Lightning and Carson Comets.  While playing for the Carson Comets 16 & under tournament league, the team worked hard to rank fourteenth in the nation.  Shawna helped her team claim the Bobby Sox national championship, marking the first time it had been won by a team outside of the state of California.  At Galena High School in Reno, NV, Shawna served as a starting pitcher at the varsity level for four years.

Shawna has been teaching softball pitching and general softball skills since 2006, and genuinely enjoys passing on the knowledge she has gained over years of experience and learning within the sport.  Shawna has mastered and effectively thrown nine different pitches and enjoys teaching those pitches to aspiring athletes, along with other general softball skills.

To schedule a lesson please call or text Shawna at 775.741.8803

Softball Pitching and Catching Instruction


With nearly 20 years of coaching experience at various levels and teaching background, Denise knows how to connect with athletes of all ages.  Having coached athletes that went on to play at the college level, she loves to encourage, inspire, and be a part of the journey.  She prides herself in her focus on quality mechanics to avoid injury and produce longevity.  As the matriarch of Born Ready Sports, Denise has been the motivator for change, inspration behind the loftiest of goals, and the sounding board of perception vs. reality.  Denise is a master at "finding a way" and continues to do so with her 5 kids and husband.  She continues to spread her wealth of knowledge by coaching pitchers and growing the game of softball in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To schedule time please call 714.496.1928 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.